Friday, 1 June 2007

Frog Stamps of Malaysia

Finally the stamp issue on frogs came out on 3 May 2007. It had been long due issue, honestly. The frog issue was proposed by Pos Malaysia in 2005, but was postponed then. In 2006 the frog issue re-appeared in the stamp issuing plan. Unfortunately, it did not materialize in 2006.

In this frog issue, three stamps (30s and 2 x 50s) and one miniature sheet (RM1) were released. They all look thrilling! The frog species portrayed in the stamps are Pedostibes hosii (30s), Nyctixalus pictus (50s) and Megophrys nasuta (50s) while the miniature sheet contains two frog species, i.e. Rana laterimaculata (in stamp) and Rhacophorus nigropalmatus (at border). Two types of perforation (P12 and P13.5) have been recorded on all the three stamps. Some philatelists have also recorded misaligned perforation for stamp sheet, particularly the stamp with value 30s. It is said that the frog issue may contain high number of perforation flaw. So, it is good a “treasure hunting” for philatelists.

The stamps are cute as many (philatelists or non-philatelists) have commented. I personally quite love them. They definitely will cheer up the stamp albums if they are placed in the albums.