Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Malaysia Postmarks 006

Kuala Lumpur M46. Date: 13 December 2003.

Pusat Mel Bandar Baru Bangi M3, Selangor. Date: 23 July 2003.

Kuala Lumpur M4. Date: 11 September 2004.

Kuala Lumpur M2. Date: 29 May 2001.

Kuala Lumpur P45. Date: 29 November 2007.

Pusat Mel Bukit Raja M21, Selangor. Date: 16 November 2007.

Saturday, 1 December 2007

Zoodic ATMs from Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the many countries producing beautiful ATMs. In 1987, Hong Kong postal authority released ATMs with zoodic motif. Year 1987 is the Year of Rabbit. Subsequently, zoodic ATMs were released every year until 1998 - altogether 12 years marking the complete of one cycle of lunar zoodic calender. It was learnt that two ATM machines were used to print these ATMs. Therefore, the ATM labels were marked with 01 and 02.

Year of Rabbit (Date of issue: 18 August 1987); Year of Dragon (Date of issue: 23 March 1988)

Year of Snake (Date of issue: 24 February 1989); Year of Horse (Date of issue: 21 February 1990)

Year of Goat (Date of issue: 21 February 1991); Year of Monkey (Date of issue: 12 March 1992)

Year of Rooster (Date of issue: 10 February 1993); Year of Dog (Date of issue: 1 March 1994)

Year of Pig (Date of issue: 15 February 1995); Year of Rat (Date of issue: 28 February 1996)

Year of Ox (Date of issue: 12 March 1997); Year of Tiger (Date of issue: 11 February 1998 )