Thursday, 29 May 2008

Kite - Flaw

Pos Malaysia released the below Kite miniature sheet (denomination RM2) on 10 October 2005. The miniature was issued together with three stamps with denominations 30 sen, 50 sen and RM1. A flaw on the "L" of the world "TRADITIONAL" was recorded for this miniature. The top part of the "L" disappears in some miniature sheets. This flaw is found to be consistent.

The top one is a normal one but the bottom one contains a flaw on "L" of the word" TRADITIONAL".

A close-up on the flaw. The top part of the "L" disappears.

Thursday, 22 May 2008

2008 - 100th Anniversary of St. John Ambulance of Malaysia

Pos Malaysia released the fourth stamp issue for year 2008 on 22 May 2008 to commemorate 100th anniversary of St. John Ambulance of Malaysia. Three stamps with three different denominations were issued - 30 sen depicting emergency ambulance service; 50 sen depicting first aid; and RM1 on Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Malaysia Postmarks 019

Kuala Lumpur M.3; Date: 2 May 2008

Bukit Dukong K1, Selangor; Date: 17 May 2008

Bandar Baru Bangi M, Selangor; Date: 27 May 2003

Pusat Mel Bukit Raja M5, Selangor; Date: 26 March 2003

Pusat Mel Bukit Raja M2, Selangor; Date: 30 April 2002

Saturday, 17 May 2008

2005 Bird Definitives - RM5 2007/1

Finally, the RM5 bird definitive (released on 14 May 2005) has been printed in the format of 100 stamp-sheet. Therefore, to date, five denominations have appeared in the format of 100 stamp-sheet. The other four denominations are 20 sen, 30 sen, 50 sen and RM1. The first number serial for this RM5 stamp in the format of 100 stamp-sheet is 2007/1. As usually, the RM5 stamp from the 100 stamp-sheet (denoted here as new print) has upright watermark while the one from the 20 stamp-sheetlet (denoted here as original print; the bird definitive stamps initially were printed in the format of 20 stamp-sheetlet mainly for collectors) has inverted watermark.

Inverted watermark comes out from time to time in new prints for this bird definitive series, though it is not that common. For instance, this has been demonstrated in the new prints of the denomination 30 sen. Therefore, watermark is not a definite answar to the identification of the new prints. Then, how to distinguish the new print from the original print?

The stamp on the left is of the original print, and the one from right is of the new print.

Well, the answer is laid on the relative distance of wordings to the images (see below). The word "Malaysia" is located further in for the original print but further out for the new print; the word "RM5" is closer to the bird for the original print but more distance for the new print; and the word "Besar" is located below a small tree branch for the original print but on the tree branch for the new print.

The left ones are of the original print, and the right ones are of the new print.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Chocolate and Coffee - Yummy!

How about some yummy stuff today? Candy? Chocolate? Coffee? Mmmmmm........... feel so good! Well, Royal Mail definitely knows how to steal letter senders'/receivers' hearts by stamping covers with these yummy candy, chocolate and coffee postmark slogans.

Quality Street candy is very nice. I tried it when I was in England. It celebrated 60th anniversary in 1998.

Kit Kat by Nestle is a favourite chocolate biscuit of many kids and adults as well.

Another slogan postmark from Quality Street but in digital cancellation format.

Mars! You aren't going to Mars, but having a Mars bar definitely makes you sweet.

After taking some chocolate, how about having a cup of Gold Blend Nescafe? It would make your day!

Friday, 2 May 2008


I got this lighthouse miniature sheet some time ago. It is nothing much about this lighthouse miniature sheet, of which it was issued together with 4 other lighthouse stamps on 31 January 2004. However, I am attracted by this miniature sheet because of its unique control number 011011. Beautiful number, isn't it?