Wednesday, 23 October 2013

A Postmark with Code PJ

Code PJ stands for Pos Jelas....

New Slogan Postmark

Pos Malaysia cancellation machines in Pusat Mel Nasional are currently using new slogan postmark. I think it is great to get away from the over stay 1-Malaysia slogan postmark. The new slogan postmark reads as:

Negaraku Berdaulat
Tanah Tumpahnya darahku

So, it looks like this slogan postmark would most possibly not stay too long because of its nature to commemorate the anniversary of formation of Malaysia. This slogan postmark would remain relevant within year 2013. However, it would not be so for year 2014.

A Cover from Thailand

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

2013 - Colours of My World

Pos Malaysia released a set of three stamp (Colours of My World)on 22 October 2013. These stamps have Braille writing. Fluorescent marking (in shape of frame) is adopted as security measure for these stamps.

Pos Laju Label - Fragile

This Pos Laju fragile label is the latest one, and it is slightly different from the previous one (click here to see the previous one)....

This newer fragile label has less "broken" effect on the glass if compared to the older label. The newer label shows only a crack on the top of the glass. However, the older label shows a crack on the top of the glass and also a broken leg of the glass. I personally think that the older label is more effective to alert the person on handling the parcel (due to the more broken effect on the image of the glass). What do you think?

Deepavali Packet - Hong Leong Bank 2013

Deepavali Packet - Alliance Bank 2013

Deepavali Packet - AmBank 2013

Deepavali Packet - Maybank 2013

Friday, 18 October 2013

News - Coming Stamp Issue: Rare Fruits IV

Pos Malaysia will release a set of three stamps entitled Rare Fruits IV on 28 October 2013. If you pay attention to the denominations of the stamps, you may notice that one of the stamps has a denomination of RM1.20. This will be the first ever a stamp with denomination RM1.20 to appear in the modern philately of Malaysia. Denomination RM1.20 stamp fits into the basic letter rate to ASEAN destinations.

News - Coming Stamp Issue: Colours of My World

Pos Malaysia will release a set of three stamps (Colours of My World) to commemorate Universal Children's Day on 22 October 2013. The stamps have Braille writing. The layout of stamp sheetlet is in 10-stamp format.

Malaysia Maxicard - Tunku Abdul Rahman

2013 - Thailand World Stamp

Pos Malaysia issued an exhibition sheetlet to take part in a stamp exhibition in Thailand - Thailand World Stamp - held on 2-14 August 2013. This sheetlet is not an overprint. The design of this exhibition sheetlet is based on the Royal Visit miniature sheet issued on 13 September 2012.

2013 - Tri-Nation

Pos Malaysia released the below stamps and miniature sheet on 23 August 2013.