Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Malaysia Postmarks 021

Pusat Mel Bandar Baru Bangi M5, Selangor; Date: 8 September 2007

Universiti Putra K2, Selangor; Date: 11 April 2005

Pusat Mel Bandar Baru Bangi M7, Selangor; Date: 3 March 2008

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

2008 - Cultural Artefacts -- Series II

The fifth stamp issue of Malaysia for year 2008 came out on 10 June, 2008. The issue is on the topic of cultural artefacts. This is the second series of this topic. The first series was released on 11 June, 2001. The image of the first series can be viewed at the following link:

Back to this second series cultural artefact stamps, three stamps were issued - 30 sen showing stone grinder, 50 sen showing supu and another 50 sen (triangular shape) showing coconut grater. The triangular stamp is particularly beautiful. The last time Malaysia postal authority issued triangular stamps was in 1966!

Monday, 2 June 2008

Malaysia Postmarks 020

Pejabat Pos UKM Bangi M1, Selangor; Date: 21 May 2008

P.P. UKM Bangi K1, Selangor; Date: 21 May 2008

Pos 2020 Kajang K4, Selangor; Date: 22 May 2008