Sunday, 31 January 2010

Stamp Poll - Favourite Stamp Sets of Malaysia Issued in 2009

I put up a poll roughly one and a half months ago on the most favourite stamp sets of Malaysia issued in year 2009. Visitors to the blog were asked to choose three most favourite stamp sets. After one and a half long months of polling, 37 times of vote casting had been recorded. I noted that not all vote casting followed strictly the instruction (some only chose one stamp set). Nevertheless, I thank all of you who had taken part in the poll. Here is the result:

The Spider (Arachnid) stamp set is at the top of the ranking (17 votes), this followed closely by Unique Birds (15 votes) and the Traditional Houses (11 votes). The most unfavourite stamp set is the Installation of Yang Dipertuan Besar Negeri Sembilan (0 vote). The stamp set on Silver Jubilee of Sultan of Perak is also not doing well with only 1 vote. The other not popular stamp sets are Tuber Plants, Submarine and Zero Energy Building (2 votes each).

The Spider stamp set tops the list may due to the hexagon shaped of miniature sheet and the nice design of the stamps. The stamp set was the last issue of year 2009, and the collectors (strictly speaking the visitors who had taken part in the poll) have fresh memory of the stamp set. I would not be surprised to see the Unique Bird stamp set is also in the top list. The "error" miniature sheet must still have the effect on the mind of the vote casters! 1-Malaysia stamp set is attractive, and the stamps are just cute and the die-cut "1" shaped of miniature sheet tends to attract attention.

I shall conduct similar stamp poll for year 2010. I sincerely urge those who had taken part in this poll to continue doing so in the coming stamp poll (most likely I will put up the poll in the end of December 2010). Those who has not taken part are encouraged to do so for the next poll as well.

Happy collecting.......

Friday, 29 January 2010

Currency Stamps of Singapore

The currency stamps of Malaysia released early of this year are just not appealing to eyes for some reason. I looked through my stamp album and I found this block-of-4 currency stamps of Singapre sitting at one corner of the album. These beautiful stamps were issued on October 2, 1992. They are so appealing eventhough the shape of the stamps is square (not round). To be honest, this set of Singapore currency stamps is actually one of my favourite stamp sets!

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

An ATM Cover from Portugal

Amadora 2700; date: January 16, 2010

A Cover from Singapore

The Singapore cover below contains a slogan postmark. The slogan postmark reads as "Lunar New Year; Please Post Early". Date: January 21, 2010.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

An ATM Cover from Taiwan

Taipei; date: January 11, 2010
three ATMs valued at $5 each are printed in different colours of print

Monday, 18 January 2010

Currency Stamps and MS - Fluorescent Mark

The currency stamps and miniature sheet issued on January 18, 2010 were printed by Joh. Enschede. These stamps and miniature sheet do not have watermark. Instead, they have fluorescent mark. The fluorescent mark on these stamps and miniature sheet has songket motif image.

stamps viewed under normal light

stamps viewed under ultra violet light

miniature sheet viewed under normal light

miniature sheet viewed under ultra violet light

Malaysia 2010 - Malaysian Currency

The first stamp issue for year 2010 of Malaysia is on topic of currency. A total of six stamps and a miniature sheet were released on January 18, 2010. The stamps are in round shape. This is the second time Malaysia postal authority released round shaped stamps. The first round shaped stamps were released in 1971 (click here to see these round shaped stamps). Honestly, the design of these new round shaped stamps is far from satisfactory if compared to the first round shaped stamps. The boarder of these new round stamps is too much, and the red/green/blue colours are just look awful. This stamp set was supposed to be released in December 2009, but it had been postponed to January 2010. If you pay attention to the wording on the stamp boarder, you will notice wording "Malaysia 2009" instead of "Malaysia 2010". Nevertheless, these round shaped stamps received good sale on the day of release.

the coin images of currently used 10sen, 20sen and 50sen coins are portrayed in the stamps. The stamps showing observe and reverse of the coins are printed in setenant strip pair

the image of the new RM50 banknote is portrayed in the miniature sheet

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Malaysia - Round Shaped Stamps

The first round shaped stamp of Malaysia is from the stamp set issued on May 15, 1971. The stamps were issued to commemorate the opening of new building of Bank Negara Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur. The stamps were printed using photogravure approach by Harrison. These stamps are very nice indeed.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

A Cover from China

This cover is special. The postmark is from Laofu Shan, Yangzhou Jiangsu. Laofu Shan means Tiger Mountain. At the back of the Laofu Shan mark, there is a word "Lin" in bracket (Lin means temporary). Four pieces of tiger stamps and a definitive stamp were used as postage to send this cover. So, the temporary postmark is a special one, and I guess this temporary postmark was created in Yangzhou Jiangsu Post Office to cater the new issue of the tiger stamp. The cover is also decorated by a paper cut of tiger..... my this friend who sent me this cover is talented in paper cutting, and he made this special cover for me!

Laofu Shan (Lin), Yangzhou Jiangsu; date: January 5, 2010

A Cover from Thailand

Sam Sen Nai 37; date: January 9, 2010

A Cover from Thailand

Sam Sen Nai 30; date: January 10, 2010

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Spider Stamps - Watermark

The spider stamps issued on December 7, 2009 have common upright SPM watermark. However, less common inverted watermark has also been recorded. I have in my possesion the inverted one for 30s stamp fighting spider (Thiania bhamoensis), and a collector told me that he has inverted one for stamp 30s curved spiny spider (Gasteracantha arcuata). I believe that 50s and RM1 could also have watermark variety.

curved spiny spider; Gasteracantha arcuata

fighting spider, Thiania bhamoensis

Spider Stamp Sheet - Perforation Layout

I wrote about the two types of perforation in spider stamp sheet (the spider stamps issued on December 7, 2009) some time ago (click here to see the entry). The two perforation types are:

Type A: P13.5
Type B: P13.5 but P14 at top

Stamp sheet with layout of perforation stamps showing 50% type A and 50% type B (Figure 1) is a common layout. However, second type of layout (Figure 2) showing 75% type A and 25% type B has also been recorded for these spider stamp sheets. The second type of sheet layout is less common. For those collecting stamp sheets, these different perforation stamp layouts are worth something to collect. I have only spider 30s (Gasteracantha arcuata) stamp sheet with the second type layout. However, I was told that second type layout has also occurred in sheet of other spider stamps.

Figure 1: sheet layout showing 50% type A and 50% type B

Figure 2: sheet layout showing 75% type A and 25% type B

Friday, 8 January 2010

Irish Beautiful Dragonfly Stamps

I always fancy dragonfly stamps because I do research on dragonflies/damselflies. I discovered a new dragonfly species (Chalybeothemis chini) from Tasik Chini, Pahang two years ago. I have three more new damselfly species to be published this year.....

Well, I spotted these dragonfly stamps and miniature sheet of Ireland from internet a couple of months ago. They are just gorgeous, and I went to the Irish Post website to purchase online these stamps and miniature sheet. The stamp set was issued on October 16, 2009. One dragonfly (Libellula quadrimaculata) and three damselfly (Coenagrion lunulatum, Pyrrhosoma nymphula and Calopteryx splendens) species are depicted on the stamps and miniature sheet. All these species are found in Ireland. You may click here to know more about the dragonflies and damselflies of Ireland.

from left to right: Coenagrion lunulatum, Pyrrhosoma nymphula and Libellula quadrimaculata

Calopteryx splendens

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Malaysia Stamp Issuing Programme For Year 2010

Finally, Pos Malaysia has announced the stamp issues for year 2010. Altogether 17 issues covering various topics will be released one or two issues per month. The first stamp issue is on topic of currency will be released on January 18, 2010. This issue is actually a postponed issue from last year. Among the stamp issues for year 2010, I am definitely looking forward to seeing issues on Ferns and Malayan Railway. Happy collecting 2010!

1. Malaysian Currency - 18.01.2010
2. 1-Malaysia Collection - Feb 2010
3. Malaysia-Korea Joint Issue (Tiger) - 23.02.2010
4. Ferns - 10.03.2010
5. Local Markets - 23.03.2010
6. Medical Excellence - 07.04.2010
7. Firefly - 10.05.2010
8. Malayan Railway - 01.06.2010
9. Threatened Habitats - 21.06.2010
10. Orang Asli - 07.07.2010
11. Brave Warrior - 31.07.2010
12. Traditional Festival Food - 10.08.2010
13. Highland Tourist Spots - 27.09.2010
14. Post Offices - 09.10.2010
15. Traditional Games - 18.10.2010
16. Children's Pets - 20.11.2010
17. Malaysia-Iran Joint Issue - 22.12.2010

Sunday, 3 January 2010

List of Garden Flower Definitive Varieties - Update

Below is the list of perforation and watermark varieties of Garden Flower definitive stamps. Gum type is not included in this list. The varieties are from the 20-stamp sheetlets and miniature sheets. It is expected to have more varieties when these stamps are re-printed in 100-stamp sheet. The varieties listed here are of my own observation, information obtained from eBay listings and information from other collectors. Please kindly inform me if you have other varieties not listed here. I hope this little bit of information would be much of use for those into varieties of Garden Flower definitives.

Type 1 - 14x13.75
Type 2 - 14x14.5
Type 3 - 14.75x14.5
Type 4 - 13.5x13.75
Type 5 - 14.75x14.5 but 13.75 at vertical right

SPM Watermark:
upright - no indicator
no watermark - n
inverted watermark - i
sideway up - p
sideway down - d

Johor 5s - 1, 3
Johor 10s - 1, 3
Johor 20s - 1
Johor 30s - 1
Johor 40s - 1
Johor 50s - 1
Kedah 5s - 1
Kedah 10s - 1
Kedah 20s - 1
Kedah 30s - 1
Kedah 40s - 1
Kedah 50s - 1
Kelantan 5s - 1
Kelantan 10s - 1
Kelantan 20s - 1
Kelantan 30s - 1
Kelantan 40s - 1
Kelantan 50s - 1
Melaka 5s - 1
Melaka 10s - 1
Melaka 20s - 1, 3
Melaka 30s - 1
Melaka 40s - 1
Melaka 50s - 1
N.Sembilan (Jaafar) 5s - 1
N.Sembilan (Jaafar) 10s - 1
N.Sembilan (Jaafar) 20s - 1
N.Sembilan (Jaafar) 30s - 3
N.Sembilan (Jaafar) 40s - 3
N.Sembilan (Jaafar) 50s - 3
N.Sembilan (Muhriz) 5s - 1
N.Sembilan (Muhriz) 10s - 1
N.Sembilan (Muhriz) 20s - 1
N.Sembilan (Muhriz) 30s - 1
N.Sembilan (Muhriz) 40s - 1
N.Sembilan (Muhriz) 50s - 1
Pahang 5s - 1
Pahang 10s - 1
Pahang 20s - 1
Pahang 30s - 1
Pahang 40s - 1
Pahang 50s - 1
Perak 5s - 1
Perak 10s - 1
Perak 20s - 1
Perak 30s - 1
Perak 40s - 1
Perak 50s - 1
Perlis 5s - 1
Perlis 10s - 1
Perlis 20s - 1
Perlis 30s - 1
Perlis 40s - 1
Perlis 50s - 1
P.Pinang 5s - 1
P.Pinang 10s - 1
P.Pinang 20s - 1
P.Pinang 30s - 1
P.Pinang 40s - 1
P.Pinang 50s - 1
Sabah 5s - 1
Sabah 10s - 1
Sabah 20s - 1
Sabah 30s - 1
Sabah 40s - 1, 1i
Sabah 50s - 1, 1i
Sarawak 5s - 1
Sarawak 10s - 1
Sarawak 20s - 1
Sarawak 30s - 1
Sarawak 40s - 1
Sarawak 50s - 1
Selangor 5s - 1, 3
Selangor 10s - 1, 3
Selangor 20s - 1, 5
Selangor 30s - 1, 1i, 3
Selangor 40s - 1, 3
Selangor 50s - 1, 5
Terengganu 5s - 1
Terengganu 10s - 1
Terengganu 20s - 1
Terengganu 30s - 1
Terengganu 40s - 1
Terengganu 50s - 1
W.Persekutuan 5s - 1, 3
W.Persekutuan 10s - 1, 3
W.Persekutuan 20s - 1, 5
W.Persekutuan 30s - 1, 3
W.Persekutuan 40s - 1, 1i, 3
W.Persekutuan 50s - 1, 1i, 5