Sunday, 18 August 2013

Dragonflies of Malaysia 10 - Revisit

Trithemis festiva
I posted an entry on 12 February 2008 about one dragonfly stamp (Trithemis festiva). You may click here to view the entry.

After looking carefully at the illustration of the dragonfly image in the stamp (see stamp below). I feel that the drawing/illustration on the stamp has a small error. If you pay attention to the wing tips of the dragonfly in stamp illustration, you may notice the wing tips are tinted. Actually, Trithemis festiva does not have tinted wing tips. In other words, tinted wing tip is not a characteristic of Trithemis festiva.

On the other hand, Indothemis limbata looks close to Trithemis festiva. However, both could be readily distinguished if one pays enough attention. Trithemis festiva has orange/yellow strips on the dorsal of abdomen (as illustrated in the stamp), and Indothemis limbata lacks of this characteristic. Nevertheless, Indothemis limbata has tinted wing tips, and Trithemis festiva does not have tinted wing tips. So, the illustration in the stamp showing tinted wing tips is an error.

Trithemis festiva

Indothemis limbata

A Cover from Endau

Raya Packet - Kit Kat 2013

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Beautiful Stamps of GB

Road Safety

Have you thought of choosing an unusual theme for your thematic collection? Themes on flora, fauna, WWF, scouting, architecture and costumes are too common. How about Road Safety as a theme? I personally think that this theme is excellent. Below are two sets of stamps (one from Thailand and the other one from Taiwan) showing perfectly the theme Road Safety. There should be many other stamps could be included in this excellent theme.

Raya Packet - Bata 2013

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Raya Packet - Alliance Bank 2013

Raya Packet - RHB 2013

Raya Packet - Prudential 2013

Raya Packet - Muamalat Bank 2013

Raya Packet - Maybank 2013

Raya Packet - Affinbank 2013

Raya Packet - Tesco 2013

Raya Packet - Scotiabank 2013

Raya Packet - Poh Kong 2013

Raya Packet - UOB 2013

Raya Packet - OCBC 2013

Raya Packet - Hong Leong Bank 2013

Raya Packet - Coolblog 2013

Raya Packet - CIMB 2013

Raya Packet - AmBank 2013