Friday, 29 February 2008

Thursday, 28 February 2008

2008 - Historical Bridges of Malaysia

Pos Malaysia released her first stamp issue for year 2008 on 28 February 2008. Four stamps depicting four historical bridges in Malaysia were issued. The 30 sen stamp has an image of Mederka Bridge in Kedah spanning Muda river (built in 1955). There were two different 50 sen stamps in this set. One 50 sen stamp portrays Victoria Bridge in Perak spanning Perak river at Karai (built in 1897), and the other 50 sen stamp shows Kota Bridge in Selangor spanning Klang river at Klang (built in 1907). The bridge portrayed in RM1 stamp is Sungai Segamat Bridge in Johor which spans Segamat river (built in 1933). The size of the stamps is 50mm x 30mm which is considered large format stamp size for Malaysian modern stamps. I'm personally quite impressed by the design of the stamps. I have to say that this set of stamps is one of the most beautiful stamp sets for Malaysian modern issues. Well done Pos Malaysia.

Merdeka Bridge, Kedah

Victoria Bridge, Perak

Kota Bridge, Selangor

Sungai Segamat Bridge, Johor

Monday, 25 February 2008

Malaysia Postmarks 013

Hentian Puduraya K3, Kuala Lumpur. Date: 2 February 2008.

Sibu, Sarawak. Date: 12 February 2008.

Kajang M1, Selangor. Date: 28 May 2003.

Friday, 22 February 2008

Medicinal Plant 50 sen - Perforation Flaw

Pos Malaysia released a set of 4 stamps on the topic of medicinal plants on 11 December 2004. Perforation flaw was recorded on 50 sen stamp (kacip fatimah). The horizontal perforation was slightly (2 mm) shifted upwards causing the bottom of the plant image getting into the adjacent bottom stamps, and the words 2004 and Labisa pumila (the scientific name of kacip fatimah) are sitting on the perforation.

Horizontal perforation shifted 2 mm upwards.

A normal single stamp for comparison.

Malaysia Postmarks 012

Butterworth 3, Pulau Pinang. Date: 10 August 2000.

Pos Mini Taman Hui Cing, Kuching, Sarawak. Date: 14 January 2004.

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Date: 18 November 2004.

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Malaysia Postmarks 011

Kuantan, Pahang. Date: 16 May 2004.

Bota M, Perak. Date: 25 March 2004.

Subang Jaya K, Selangor. Date: 21 September 2001.

Taiping M5, Perak. Date: 24 April 2004.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Hologram Stamp - Petronas Twin Towers

On 30 August 1999, Pos Malaysia released a set of three stamps and a miniature sheet to commemorate the completion of Petronas Twin Towers. I wrote about the set of stamps some time ago (http:// The miniature sheet for this issue is a hologram stamp. It is the second hologram stamp released by Pos Malaysia. The image of Petronas Twin Towers in the hologram is shifted to left and to right for some miniature sheets which has created some interesting flaws.

The normal position of Petronas Twin Towers in the hologrom section.

The image of Petronas Twin Towers is shifted to left of the hologram section.

The image of Petronas Twin Towers is shifted to right of the hologram section.

Friday, 15 February 2008

Malaysia Postmarks 010

Kompleks LADA, Langkawi, Kedah. Date: 25 September 2003.

Kuala Lumpur 12. Date: 2 February 2008.

Kuala Terengganu 2, Terengganu. Date: 10 February 2008.

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

A Cover from Belgium - Many Birds.....

I like this cover from Belgium..... there are many bird stamps.... all different ones. 1c is common nightingale, 5c is Eurasian teal, 6c is little owl, 10c is boreal owl and 23c is Eurasian jackdaw. Belgium postal authority has been issuing many fine bird stamps. The other stamp on the cover is Europa issue of 2006 on topic of scouting. The cover was hand stamped on 18 September 2007.

A Cover from China

This is an official Lunar New Year greeting card carrying a printed cute rat stamp (RMB 1.20). The card was sent to me on 13 December 2007 from Wulumuqi (Xiang Chiang Province), China.

Dragonflies of Malaysia 10

Trithemis festiva
Trithemis festiva is a medium size dark blue dragonflies commonly found at disturbed open area. The orange/yellow streaks on the end of the dorsal abdomen distinguish Trithemis festiva from other closely related species.

Diplacodes trivialis
Diplacodes trivialis is also another common dragonfly species found at open disturbed area. The mature male individuals have blue marking while the female and immature male individuals have yellow marking. In many ways the female and immature male of D. trivialis resemble Orthetrum sabina....... but the size of D. trivialis is much smaller than O. sabina.

Monday, 11 February 2008

Cover from Vietnam

I received this nice cover from Vietnam. The cover was hand-stamped on 26 January 2008. The stamps were released in 2006 commmerating Morzat. There is also a meter cancellation (in red ink) carrying a value of 6000d.