Saturday, 18 May 2013

International Postcard Rate

If one to go through carefully the new list for the recent international postage rate hike, one will notice that Postcard is being left out. I am not sure if this was done by purpose or it was overlooked by the authority.

Before the international postal tariff hike, there was a category international postcard (it appeared in Pos Malaysia website before 15 May 2013). Postcard to any foreign destination was fixed at 50s. Now, one could not find the international postcard rate anymore in Pos Malaysia website or even in the printed brochure to inform the tariff hike.

I was told that post staff nationwide is still using the old international postcard rate (50s) as they could not find any international postcard rate in the revised brochure or memo sent to post offices by Pos Malaysia.

Anyway, judging from the hike in all the categories (listed in Pos Malaysia website and printed brochure), I believe it is very unlike that the international postcard rate would remain as old rate 50s. I feel that Pos Malaysia has overlooked this category, and that I think there would most likely a revised international postcard rate coming out very soon.

To be honest, the rate 50s is too cheap for a postcard to be sent to any foreign destination. The international postcard rate needs more urgent revision.

Friday, 17 May 2013

A Simple Cover

I just love this lovely simple cover....

Stamp Sheet - Hockey 2002

In the early 2000s, the commemorative stamp sheets produced by Pos Malaysia were normally in format of 25-stamp sheet.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

International Small Packet

I think the most interesting part for the recent (started on yesterday 15 May 2013) international postage rate hike is the introduction of new category small packet. I tried to look for the definition of small packet by Pos Malaysia, and here is the definition of International Small Packet by Pos Malaysia (in Pos Malaysia website):

Any small packet containing small and lightweight items such as gifts, goods, commercial samples, audio/video tapes etc. transmitted to a foreign destination by air. The maximum weight for the small packet is 2 kg.

So, by looking at the definition of small packet, I have the feeling that a vast number of online trading (in particular eBay) might have to use small packet for shipping purpose. I am not sure if Pos Malaysia has been dealing with huge volume of not-much-profit small packet mail in recent years so that it has to come up with this new category of postage. Well, it is very interesting to see when will this new small packet postage be applied on domestic mail. I strongly believe that sooner and later domestic small packet would come up.

The most killing part of the new international small packet's term is the interval weight increment. The basic weight for the international small packet is up 1 kg, the next interval is up to 1.5 kg and the last interval is up to 2 kg (see the table below; the table was obtained from Pos Malaysia website). So, if one is to send a small packet of a weight of 250 gm (many gifts fall into this weight), one still has to pay for the basis up to 1 kg postage. I think this is the part many customers express their grouses.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Dragons of Different Number of Toes

How many toes has a dragon got? you may click here to read the story of this question.

So, basically a dragon can be 3-toed, 4-toed or 5-toed. All these different toes of dragons are depicted well in red packets.

JTI 2012 - 3-toed dragon

Coca Cola 2012 - 3-toed dragon

Citibank 2012 - 4-toed dragon

Commercial Marketers and Distributors 2012 - 4-toed dragon

Dumex 2012 - 5-toed dragon

Bank of China 2012 - 5-toed dragon

International Postage Rate Hike

I woke up this morning (15 May 2013) to find out that the international postage rate has been revised (through Pos Malaysia website on checking postage rate). Honestly, I was totally taken aback by this event as there was no announcement from any authorities to inform us that the postage would be revised – not a single piece of information. Even one to visit Pos Malaysia homepage on 15 May 2013, there is still no mention (announcement) of postage hike at all on its main homepage. The postage revision is an important matter because it affects public, and that I fail to comprehend why Pos Malaysia did not want to make a proper announcement. However, if one to check the postage rate for international mail at Pos Malaysia website, one would be shocked to notice the hike.

Well, I have no problem on the postage rate revision. Many postal authorities worldwide do it on regular basis. However, I think it is the responsibility of Pos Malaysia to inform public in advance on any postage rate revision so that business orientated customers (those many eBay sellers, traders etc.) can have enough time to make necessary adjustment.

According to Pos Malaysia website, one interesting part of the revision is that the international delivery zones have been reduced from five to three – ASEAN countries, Asia Pacific countries, and other countries. So, the Europe, Africa, America and Arab countries are lumped together into other countries zone. Previously, Europe and Arab (excluding African Arab) countries are on one zone separated from America and Africa countries. On the same token, developed an developing Asia Pacific countries are clustered together now into a single zone (different zones in previous clustering).

The revised rate for ASEAN countries is RM1.20 (for the first 20 gm) with 40s for each additional 10 gm; the revised rate for Asia Pacific countries is RM1.40 (for the first 20 gm) with 60s for each additional 10 gm; and the revised rate for other countries is RM2 (for the first 20 gm) with 80s for each additional 10 gm. Apart from that the rate for parcel has also been revised. The most interesting part is the introduction of small packet category. I do not know what is the exact meaning of small packet by Pos Malaysia’s definition. I think this category (small packet) is the most controversial one.... Besides these, the registration fee for international mail has also been increased from RM4.10 to RM4.60.

You may check up the details of the revised international postage rates at Pos Malaysia website here.

I am not sure if the above mentioned postage changes in Pos Malaysia web site are fully implemented in post offices nationwide today as some post offices are still using old rates for airmail and parcel, but implementing the revised rates for registered mail and small packet (new category).

Monday, 13 May 2013

2013 - Wonders of Forests

Pos Malaysia released a stamp issue entitled Wonders of Forests on 13 May 2013. The stamps come in three mini sheetlets portraying three forests in Malaysia - Taman Negara, Royal Belum and Meliau Basin - with each mini sheetlet containing five RM1-stamps. The stamps are printed by Southern Printer (New Zealand) on adhesive gum paper. I find these stamps are attractive, and I have to say that I like very much the stamps with rafflesia, pitcher plant and birds. The only draw back is that the stamps are printed on adhesive gum as I am not a fan of adhesive-gum stamps.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Some Postcards For Maxicards

I think the below postcards are suitable to create maxicards for the coming stamp issue Wonders of Malaysian Forests. However, it would be more relevant if the maxicards created using cancellation of Sabah for pygmy elephant and Meliau Basin because they are of Sabah. The pitcher plant Nepenthes veitchii can be found in Sabah and Sarawak, so the cancellation of Sabah or Sawarak will do well for the pitcher plant maxicard.

Monday, 6 May 2013

Maxicard - Year of Snake

Wonders of Malaysian Forests

Pos Malaysia will be releasing the below beautiful stamps on 13 May 2013. I am impressed by the three bird stamps - Malayan Peacock Pheasant, Guold's Frogmouth and Helmeted Hornbill. Yes, I particularly like the hornbill stamp. The last time helmeted hornbill appearing on Malaysian stamp was in 1983. Apart from the bird stamps, I am also delighted to see a rafflesia stamp and a pitcher plant stamp. Nevertheless, these stamps have adhesive gum. I was informed that these stamps are printed in Thailand. So, this will be the second Malaysian stamp issue printed by Thailand. It is said that the General Election of Malaysia held a few days ago is the reason why the last stamp issue (Lighthouses) and this coming stamp issue (Wonders of Malaysian Forests) were printed in Thailand. Our local printers were busy printing election materials for the just over General Election.

Taman Negara

Meliau Basin

Royal Belum

Red Packet - Dumex 2012

A Special Cover for Kedah Exhibition Overprint MS

This overprint MS special cover is different from the ones produced by Pos Malaysia and Philatelic Society of Malaysia.....

Overprint on Lighthouse Miniature Sheet

There will be an overprint for the Lighthouse miniature sheet on an exhibition held in Melbourne, Australia in May 2013. The Lighthouse miniature sheet is overprinted with the exhibition logo - a leaping kangaroo on a background of Australia map. I have to admit that the overprint miniature sheet looks quite nice. I am made to understand that the overprint miniature sheet will be offered to SODA holders later.

Kedah Exhibition Overprint Miniature Sheet

Kedah Postal History Exhibition was held on 20-22 March 2013 in Alor Setar, Kedah. Pos Malaysia released an overprint miniature sheet to commemorate the event.

There are two types of watermark on this overprint miniature sheet - SPM upright and SPM inverted. I am not sure which watermark type is less common. Have you got an answer for the rarity of the watermark varieties?

P/S: I was informed that the SPM inverted watermark variety is less common.

Red Packet - JTI 2012

The dragon in this red packet is a 3-toed dragon...